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Released: 30 April 2012


  • Added ability to set the default vif type setting for Xen HVM.

  • Added HTML email support to mass mail and email templates (WYSIWYG).

  • Added templateshvm param to the admin API listtemplates function:  List Templates

  • Added option to add bulk amount of IPv6 to virtual servers.


  • Fixed issue when editing a Xen HVM template.

  • Fixed issue where template would not delete from the template list.

  • Fixed issue with node monitoring system failing to spawn.

  • Fixed bug in virtual server list search and added clear search button.


Released: 23 April 2012


  • Added Persian client area language -Thanks Amirhossein Astaneha.

  • Added TUN/TAP button to client area for OpenVZ virtual servers. This option can be disabled on a per node basis under the node settings.

  • Added PPP button to client area for OpenVZ virtual servers. This option can be disabled on a per node basis under the node settings.

  • Added network card option to client area for Xen PV/HVM & KVM virtual servers.

  • Added better checks to admin API to prevent duplicate ip assignment.

  • Added option to disable the terminate function from the admin API.

  • Added openssl passwd support to XEN PV change root password function.

  • Added Portugues-Brasil.lang for client area. Thanks Pedro Souza.

  • Added umount to OpenVZ destroy function.

  • Added PowerDNS support:  PowerDNS Installation allowing support for IPv4 (including classless) & IPv6 Reverse DNS and Forward DNS.

  • Added forward DNS management for clients.

  • Added default cpu core settings to reseller allowances.

  • Added option for client/admin to select the network emulator for Xen HVM (ioemu/netfront).

  • Added private notes and global notes the admin area.

  • Added new AdminCP Layout.


  • Fixed issue where OpenVZ NUMIPTENT UBC settings where not being set correctly when using vzctl and above.

  • Fixed PAE override for XEN HVM builds from AdminCP.

  • Fixed bug in connection alert only sending to the first failed connection.

  • Fixed timeout issue when slave node can't be contacted.

  • Optimized traffic shaping for all virtualization types.

  • Fixed encoded XML entities in admin API XML output.

  • Removed empty cdrom on Xen HVM vif line when no cdrom is mounted.

  • Fixed issue where vserver-consolepassword admin API function would nt set the new password correctly.

  • Fixed issue where client area default timezone was not being set correctly.

  • Fixed bug in IPv6 bandwidth counting where usage was not being updated.


The AdminCP GUI has been overhauled. You may need to refresh your browser before it displays correctly. Also note if you are using a custom client area template there are changes to home.tpl, control.tpl, header.tpl and 3 new template files prdns.tpl, dns.tpl & dnsmanage.tpl

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