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MAC assigning per IP Address


When should I use MAC addresses per IP?

You should only use this feature if your datacenter has pre-defined MAC addresses for its IP ranges.

For example, OVH has a system that registers a specific MAC on  per IP basis. This feature will allow you to specify the MAC for that IP in SolusVM.

When should I NOT use MAC addresses per IP?

Most datacenters don't check what IP is using what MAC. If your datacenter is one of these, leave the MAC field as auto.

What will this feature do?

If you assign a specific MAC to an IP, the system will detect the MAC on creation of a VPS. The system will check that no other VPS is using the MAC and create the VPS. If the MAC is already in use it will generate a new MAC for the VPS (You will need to edit it from the admincp).

When is this feature used?

MAC addresses are only used on creation of a VPS. If you assign one of the IP's as an extra IP, you may need to change the MAC of that IP in the datacenters system/control panel to match the MAC of the VPS.

How to implement

  1. At first, get the list of MAC from the service provider or generate them in their control panel.

  2. Then, navigate to SolusVM > IP Block > List IP Blocks > Manage IPs:

  3. Click on 'auto' near the IP address and paste the MAC address there:

  4. In case you are working with KVM/Xen, then you need to have the following line in /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini file:

;; Add OVH style gateway routes to virtual servers (true    |false)
ovh_bridged_network_routes = true
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