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Released: 05 October 2011


This release is to patch around the current issues with the EL kernel crashes. Although tests have been positive on our systems it may not solve all issues for every server. Even though these crashes are not isolated to SolusVM powered servers, we have included a script (/scripts/sysfix) on each master/slave that can be run after each kernel update or yum update and will try to remove/patch any system conflicts. Please don't try and run this script on a server that is not powered by SolusVM, it may harm your server. You don't need to run this script if you haven't experienced a crash.


Released: 03 October 2011


  • Added bandwidth usage bar to virtual server list in the enhanced client template. ( home.tpl updated).

  • Added vtip.js to template assets for enhanced client template. ( header.tpl updated).

  • Added Quick jump virtual server dropdown to enhanced client template ( header.tpl updated).


  • Fixed issue with usage bars in client templates (Cleanblue/Enhanced) growing to far when over 100% limit. ( control.tpl updated).

  • Fixed issue with delayed completion of client boot/reboot processes.

  • Fixed issue with false online status of OpenVZ virtual servers in client area.

  • Fixed issue with Reverse DNS entry box not allowing entry updates.

  • Fixed issue with Xen virtual servers failing to shutdown from client area.



Released: 27 September 2011


  • Added virtio network drivers for KVM.

  • Added option to set the KVM disk device driver. You can now switch to virtio over the default ide.

  • Added Scientific Linux suport for Xen PV.

  • Added option to diable quick jump menu. If you have 100's of vitual servers this can speed up the admin area.

  • Added option to disable showing unread system messages. If you have 100's of vitual servers this can speed up the admin area.

  • Removed smarty template engine from reseller area and replaced with a faster php template system.

  • Removed smarty template engine from client area and replaced with a faster php template system.

  • Added new client area templates (Enhanced & Cleanblue). Enhanced is now the default. More info:  Customizing the Client Area

  • Added client area dev kit. More info here:  Creating Custom Client Area Pages

  • Added language support to reseller area.

  • Added new language support to client area.

  • Added IPv4 DHCP ports to ebtables.

  • Added option to disable high load limit emails by setting value to 0.

  • Added default timezone setting to client area. Configuration » Settings.

  • Client logins now redirect to the virtual server manage page if client only has one virtual server.

  • Added better network speed limiting for all virtualization types.

  • Added database repair script to /scripts.

  • Added OpenVZ VSwap usage bar to client area.

  • Virtual server id's are now encrypted in the URL.

  • Added ebtables action hook. More info here:  ebTables Hook

  • Added mass console password change script to /scripts.

  • Added option to set the KVM disk cache type to Default, None, Writethrough, Writeback or Directsync.

  • Added issuelicense variable to vserver-create admin API function.


  • Changed KVM shutdown/suspend function to poweroff the virtual server if virsh fails to shutdown the virtual server.

  • Tweaked serveral OpenVZ VSwap performance settings.

  • Fixed PHP warnings in client area.

  • 70+ Small fixes (including beta fixes).

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