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  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when loop devices were not automatically removed after creation of VPS with thin-provisioned disks. (SVM-3143)



  • feature | PHP has been upgraded to version 7.4.27. (SVM-3390)



  • feature | Resellers can now specify number of CPU cores on new KVM VM creation in reseller's UI. (SVM-3383)
  • feature | Improved IP address selection algorithm in reseller's UI. (SVM-3385)


IP address selection algorithm has been improved for following usage scenarios in reseller's UI:

  1. New virtual server creation.
  2. Adding additional IP address to existing virtual server.

Now IP addresses available for the required virtualization node are ordered by following criteria:

  1. IP block priority in descending order (e.g. first take block with priority 2, then block with priority 1).
  2. In case if priorities are equal, ordering criteria is the proportion of used IPs to total number of IPs (used/total). IP addresses are ordered by this proportion descending (e.g. first take block with 9 of 10 IPs used, then block with 80 of 100 IPs used).
  3. If proportion is the same in two blocks, first take block with smaller ID.
  4. Inside each IP block IPs are ordered as strings ascending.



  • feature | Resellers can now adjust resources of existing KVM virtual machines in reseller's UI (memory, swap, bandwidth, CPU cores, disk space). (SVM-3286)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when SolusVM on Centos 6 virtualization node can be upgraded to the latest version. (SVM-3376)



  • bugfix | API vserver-change-nspeed does not accept empty value of customnspeed. (SVM-3370)



  • feature | Nginx has been upgraded to version 1.20.2. (SVM-3368)
  • feature | PHP has been upgraded to version 7.4.26. (SVM-3367)
  • bugfix | Word destination is misspelled in migrations status window. (SVM-3267)


  1. In case there are customizations in /usr/local/svmstack/nginx/conf/mime.types file or in /usr/local/svmstack/nginx/conf/nginx.conf file, they will be overwritten during the upgrade.
  2. If there are custom directives specified as custom configuration files at /usr/local/svmstack/nginx/conf/conf.d/ directory, check if those directives still work on nginx version 1.20.2 using nginx documentation.
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