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AlmaLinux 8, 9/CentOS Stream 8

In order to perform the installation, download the installer and select option Management node:

curl -o installer && chmod +x installer && ./installer

Example of the menu for CentOS Stream 8:


CentOS 7/RHEL 7/Scientific Linux 7/Open VZ7

Once software and hardware requirements are met, log into the server via SSH, download the installer and start it:

Install SolusVM Master

curl -o && sh

You are interested in "UI" (User Interface) type in the installer. The other options will install only hypervisor (slave node):

CentOS 7 - Master node without virtualization - option 1:


OpenVZ 7 - Master node with OpenVZ - option 2:


If you installed Master node on OpenVZ 7 server, it is necessary to create manually directory for the template files:

# mkdir /vz/template/cache
# chown solusvm.solusvm /vz/template/cache/

After that proceed with additional configuration.

If the installation on OpenVZ 7 server fails with the error 'Exited on Error! - Check /tmp/install.log' check this article

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