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Released: 10 November 2017

Fix If /usr/local/solusvm/data/.bw-keep-chains exists then the chains won’t be deleted
Fix Removed erroneous character from API response on root password reply when creating KVM servers.
Security Password validation has been updated for OpenVZ virtualization


Released: 19 Sept 2017

Fix Statistic collection now takes into account the amount of pending processes for OpenVZ containers before executing commands.
Fix device_model_stubdomain_override = 1 is now applied to Xen HVM virtual servers if enabled.
Improvement When setting a root password via the API (OpenVZ) the complexity is checked.
Improvement If an OpenVZ container becomes frozen, multiple action processes were building up and causing high loads on the hypervisor. Extra checks have been put in place to stop these processes building up.
Fix The MySQL timezone is now set correctly against the system timezone.
Fix If a Xen PV virtual server has pygrub enabled, it will no longer attempt to copy the hypervisors kernel modules into the virtual server.
Improvement If the lock file /usr/local/solusvm/data/xen-stubdomain exists on a Xen hypervisor it will add device_model_stubdomain_override = 1 to the virtual server config files.
Improvement The first megabyte of a KVM virtual servers disk is always zeroed before a reinstall or install of an operating system.
Feature KVM virtual server disks can now be scrubbed before being removed when a virtual server is deleted. Please see Disk Scrubbing.
Fix SMTP emails over SSL now send correctly.
Improvement PHPMailer has been updated.
Improvement Timeouts have been added to many of the OpenVZ functions that interact with the vzctl toolstack. If a container has frozen, any scripts that are executed will timeout if no exitcode is returned from vzctl.
Fix The correct information is now returned to the current WHMCS module when a console session is started.
Improvement KVM virtual servers now have all kernel mappings removed and logical volume re-created when reinstalled using a template.
Improvement Added an extended shutdown timeout for KVM virtual servers. See the extended_shutdown_time variable in the hypervisors /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini.
Improvement When creating an OpenVZ container extra checks have been added to make sure an ip address is functional and exists in the configuration file.
Fix   Removing an ip address from an OpenVZ container would sometimes fail without reporting an error.
Fix   IPv6 address's are now removed correctly from an OpenVZ containers configuration file.
Fix OpenVZ ploop migration disk size calculations were incorrect.
Fix Xen DHCP lease's were expiring.
Fix Version mismatch when trying to start a virtual server migration.
Fix Partitions on a KVM virtual server were not being removed when a reinstall was started.
Fix Incorrect headers in AdminCP.
Improvement OpenVZ virtual server ip address configuration sorting has been improved.
Fix The admin API virtual server terminate function was failing to delete the client.
Fix Timezone fixes for the latest PHP versions.
Improvement Database indexes are created automatically for the vservers and clients tables.
Improvement Live search has been updated and optimized.
Improvement Updated noVNC.
Improvement OpenVZ migration virtual server size checking is now more accurate.
Improvement Re-configuring IPv6 addresses now checks if the subnet is still active.
Improvement Several updates to the Lets Encrypt expiry checking scripts.
Improvement CSS/Javascript tidy/fix of the Bootstrap client area theme.
Feature Native Disk IO for KVM. If /usr/local/solusvm/data/kvm-io-native exists a KVM virtual server config file will be updated with the following lines:

<domain type='kvm' xmlns:qemu=''>
<driver cache='none' io='native'/>
Fix KVM reboot pre hook is now executed after the config file has been written but before the virtual server is started.
Improvement The admin API vserver-create call now allows a custom port speed to be specified with the 'customnspeed' variable
Improvement A new admin API call has been added (vserver-change-nspeed) to allow changing a virtual servers network speed.
Feature Added support for Virtuozzo 7.
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