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  • feature | Nginx has been upgraded to version 1.20.2. (SVM-3368)
  • feature | PHP has been upgraded to version 7.4.26. (SVM-3367)
  • feature | Replaced gzip with zstd in AutoFTP-backup/restore operations for OpenVZ containers on EZ-templates. (SVM-1890)
  • feature | New parameter throttling in /usr/local/solusvm/data/disk-scrubbing. Details (SVM-3161)
  • bugfix | Not possible to migrate KVM (Xen) VPS from CentOS 6 node with enabled compression. (SVM-3317)
  • bugfix | PHP is not upgraded to 7.4 on Centos 7 if Epel-repo disabled or not installed. (SVM-3323)
  • bugfix | Backup creation with zstd-compression fails for OpenVZ container on EZ-template if there are socket files inside the container. (SVM-3350)
  • bugfix | Login button to admin area is gray on new SolusVM installations. (SVM-3340)


  1. In case there are customizations in /usr/local/svmstack/nginx/conf/mime.types file or in /usr/local/svmstack/nginx/conf/nginx.conf file, they will be overwritten during the upgrade.

  2. If there are custom directives specified as custom configuration files at /usr/local/svmstack/nginx/conf/conf.d/ directory, check if those directives still work on nginx version 1.20.1 using nginx documentation.

  3. Now backups of OpenVZ containers on EZ-templates are created with zstd-compression (*.tar.zst) instead of gzip-compression (*.tgz). It provides faster backup/restore operations with lower HW-resources utilization and better compression.

  4. Script /scripts/ftp-restore supports both old and new backup formats.

  5. Current rotation cycle is not interrupted on the format switch.

  6. Backups in zstd-format cannot be restored on CentOS 6 nodes (EOL).

  7. In order to ensure backups integrity this update should be installed at time when no backup is running.



  • feature | PHP has been upgraded from 7.3 to 7.4 (SVM-3305)

  • feature | Changing the format of documentation links in admin UI (SVM-3312)

  • bugfix | Migration script can corrupt services in Openvz container on legacy OS-template (SVM-3295)

  • bugfix | SolusVM installer kills subprocess and fails if subprocess is executed longer than 10 minutes (SVM-3303)



  • feature | New setting ftp_backup_upload_check_num_attempts in configuration file on virtualization nodes. Details (SVM-3036)

  • feature | PHP has been updated to version 7.3.30 (SVM-3297)

  • feature | Improve the logic of IP selection in API vserver-addip (SVM-3181)

  • feature | Move HTML5 Serial Console settings to tab Other (SVM-3269)

  • feature | Use Zstd instead of Gzip in KVM/Xen migrations to increase migration speed (SVM-2123)

  • feature | Remove outdated Java Console button (SVM-652)

  • bugfix | Cannot create a reseller with Chinese characters as first/last name (SVM-3218)

  • bugfix | Mounted CDROM is not shown as mounted for XenHVM (SVM-3002)

  • bugfix | Check for existence of mount point during XenPV AutoFTP backup (SVM-3172)

  • bugfix | Search for VPSes by reseller name does not work (SVM-2618)

  • bugfix | User's session is not terminated on logout (SVM-3112)

  • bugfix | Serial Console exposes virtualization server parameters on OpenVZ 7 (SVM-3240)

  • bugfix | Installer restarts service vz on OpenVZ 7 instead of just starting it (SVM-3273)

  • bugfix | Link to the old documentation portal for PowerDNS (SVM-3147)



  • feature | Add almalinux as a supported prefix for XenPV templates (SVM-3228)

  • feature | Additional performance optimization for vz_vm_status.php for containers on EZ-template (SVM-3048)

  • feature | Add WHMCS 8.2 support. Applicable only to WHMCS solusvmpro v4.1.3 (SVM-3242)

  • feature | AlmaLinux support on KVM node and Management Node (SVM-3206)

  • feature | AlmaLinux OS-template support (SVM-3199)

  • feature | PHP has been updated to version 7.3.28 (SVM-3213)

  • bugfix | Unable to select all nodes at List nodes page (SVM-3247)

  • bugfix | Missing load average graphs for all nodes (SVM-3246)

  • bugfix | No 'cat' command at /etc/logrotate.d/svmstackfpm7 (SVM-2866)

  • bugfix | Clear description of DD blocksize parameter (SVM-3163)

  • bugfix | Wrong information about enabling/disabling tablet device on manage.php page (SVM-3081)

  • bugfix | Migration progress is not shown if OpenVZ container is based on EZ-template (SVM-3223)

  • bugfix | Stats for OpenVZ VPSes are not collected if there is a lot of EZ-based VPSes on the node (SVM-3231)

  • bugfix | Reseller is created with 0 default CPU core count (SVM-3194)

  • bugfix | It is not possible to delete OpenVZ template when it is not used by any VPS (SVM-3224)

  • bugfix | The list of the valid TLDs has been updated (SVM-2353)

  • bugfix | jQuery, jQuery-ui and Noty libraries has been updated (SVM-3075)

  • bugfix | Upgrade CKEditor to the recent version due to security concerns (SVM-3220)

  • bugfix | OpenVZ container on EZ-template is removed automatically on the source node after migration (SVM-3200)

  • bugfix | Service svmstack-fpm7 is not restarted after PHP update installation on RHEL8-based OS (SVM-3215)

  • bugfix | KVM VM created in UI steals IP from VM created by API at the same time (SVM-3131)

  • bugfix | Unused columns vservers.rescue and vservers.rescuepass are created in DB in Beta-branch (SVM-3189)



  • feature | CentOS Stream 8 support on the Management Node. Installation procedure. (SVM-3154)

  • feature | Exclude 32-bit binaries from SolusVM distribution for Centos 7 and Centos 8 (SVM-3166)

  • feature | New input parameter --ftp-password in script addnode.php (SVM-3149)

  • feature | CentOS Stream 8 support on the KVM virtualization node. Installation procedure. (SVM-3136)

  • feature | PHP has been updated to version 7.3.26 (SVM-3122)

  • bugfix | API method vserver-infoall does not return HDD used space, percent used space for OpenVZ EZ containers (SVM-3151)

  • bugfix | Improve the logic of IP selection for VPS created via WHMCS (SVM-3129)

  • bugfix | Additional Administrator user is unable to reset his own password if ACL Admin Edit is disabled (SVM-3134)

  • bugfix | Entry for additional IP is not removed from ebtables after removing the IP from the VPS in SolusVM (SVM-3026)

  • bugfix | System backup does not create backup archive in SolusVM if target directory configured without ending "/" (SVM-3133)

  • bugfix | API vserver-create often fails with CTID mismatch/IP mismatch when it is executed in parallel (SVM-2850)

  • bugfix | SolusVM does not show traffic statistics from Centos 7 virtualization nodes on graphs in Admin UI (SVM-3009)

  • bugfix | Swap value is not displayed for KVM VPS in SolusVM Client area (SVM-1860)



  • feature | CentOS 8 support on the KVM virtualization node. Installation procedureNote: CentOS 8 Stream is not supported yet. (SVM-2549)

  • bugfix | Auto ftp backup false positive alarm that upload failed for the master node (SVM-3118)



  • feature | libguestfs-plesk package has been updated to version 1.40.2-10 (SVM-3092)

  • feature | CentOS 6 nodes supported due to CentOS 6 End of Life. SolusVM version 1.25.04 is the last version CentOS 6 can use (SVM-3072)



  • fixed | Tablet input device is not enabled for KVM Windows VMs created via API (SVM-3052)

  • fixed | AutoFTP backup upload false-positively fails if FTP returns directory listing in unexpected format (SVM-3036)

  • fixed | KVM VPSes with Debian-based OSes consume about 8% of CPU in idle state (SVM-2895) Old behavior: input device 'tablet' is added to any KVM VM. New behavior: 'tablet' is added to VMs created on Windows OS-template and can be enabled/disabled manually for any VM

  • fixed | KVM-template can be deleted even if VMs on this template exist (SVM-3031)

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