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  • feature | Added support of multiple KVM disk storages. (SVM-3486)

    Details regarding SVM-3486:

    • New KVM Storage Manager and Tags Mechanism are the key components of the new KVM storage management flow.
    • We recommend performing update from older versions to version 1.27.09 out of business hours or in time with minimal load to the system because of the possibility of a short service downtime during this update installation.
    • Update to version 1.27.09 must not intersect with AutoFTP backups creation process.
    • Note: It is recommended to carefully read the list of known issues and limitations.
  • feature | New API function vserver-secondary-disk-create. (SVM-3441)

  • feature | New API function vserver-secondary-disk-resize. (SVM-3442)
  • feature | New API function vserver-secondary-disk-delete. (SVM-3443)
  • feature | Nginx has been upgraded to version 1.22.0. (SVM-3498)
  • feature | Ability to install SolusVM in OpenVZ container with Almalinux 8. (SVM-3469)
  • feature | PHP has been upgraded to version 7.4.30. (SVM-3505)
  • feature | Show free diskspace in /vz partition in the output of API node-statistics for OpenVZ node. (SVM-3528)
  • feature | New privilege Migrate has been added to section Virtual Server of administrator ACLs. (SVM-3479)

    Details regarding SVM-3479:

    • During this update installation new privilege Migrate will be enabled in all existing Administrator ACLs where privilege Manage is enabled.
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when ACL privilege Reinstall did not work for KVM VMs. (SVM-3545)

  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when admin user could start multiple concurrent re-installations of the KVM VM in admin UI. (SVM-3483)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when multiple popup windows were shown on space button click in admin UI. (SVM-3507)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when character < makes the backup.log file unavailable to view in SolusVM UI. (SVM-3512)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when nice and ionice settings are not fully applied to backup process. (SVM-3175)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when login to SolusVM is slow if DNS on the Master Node malfunctions. (SVM-3207)
  • bugfix | Fixed security issue. (SVM-3510)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when incorrect data migration speed units are shown on KVM VM migration screen. (SVM-3460)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when bandwidth statistics is not collected on new Almalinux 8/Centos 8 Stream nodes. (SVM-3485)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when script /scripts/websocket-stop is not working on SolusVM Master Node. (SVM-3500)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when KVM VM failed to start due to libvirt 8 VNC password length restriction if the password length exceeds 8 characters. (SVM-3488)

    Details regarding SVM-3488:

    • API functions vserver-create and vserver-vncpass now allow only 8 characters long VNC passwords for KVM.
    • On changing VNC password in admin UI or client UI the password length cannot exceed 8 characters now.
    • Now API vserver-console cannot be launched for KVM since it configures serial console but KVM VMs are accessed via VNC console.
    • If WHMCS module solusvmpro is in use it is recommended to update the module to the latest version 4.1.8
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when the First Available Node for a VPS creation via API was chosen incorrectly due to the wrong Nodes order. (SVM-3467)

  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when the OS name was always CentOS for every OS in Admin UI > Nodes > Check version. (SVM-3448)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when CentOS 7 KVM/Xen installation contained broken documentation links. (SVM-3475)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when there was an incorrect copyrights date in all encrypted files. (SVM-3490)
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