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  • feature | Added single-line clipboard to VNC console. (SVM-3445)
  • feature | PHP has been upgraded to version 7.4.29. (SVM-3476)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when root password reset failed for KVM VPS if there was another user containing "root" in the username. (SVM-2852)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when Default NIC type was set to Virtio after each SolusVM update. (SVM-3055)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when KVM VM with additional disk does not start on node with qemu version 6.0.0-33 and higher. (SVM-3468)



Note: after installation of this version it is mandatory to remove file /usr/local/solusvm/data/.hosts on the Master node using instruction from this article.

  • feature | Installation on CentOS 8 will be not allowed any more because CentOS 8 has reached End of Life (SVM-3417)
  • feature | PHP has been upgraded to version 7.4.27. (SVM-3389)
  • feature | Resellers can now specify number of CPU cores on new KVM VM creation in reseller's UI. (SVM-3383)
  • feature | Improved IP address selection algorithm in reseller's UI. (SVM-3385)

    Details regarding SVM-3385:

    IP address selection algorithm has been improved for following usage scenarios in reseller's UI:

    • New virtual server creation.
    • Adding additional IP address to existing virtual server.

    Now IP addresses available for the required virtualization node are ordered by following criteria:

    • IP block priority in descending order (e.g. first take block with priority 2, then block with priority 1).
    • In case if priorities are equal, ordering criteria is the proportion of used IPs to total number of IPs (used/total). IP addresses are ordered by this proportion descending (e.g. first take block with 9 of 10 IPs used, then block with 80 of 100 IPs used).
    • If proportion is the same in two blocks, first take block with smaller ID.
    • Inside each IP block IPs are ordered as strings ascending.
  • feature | Resellers can now adjust resources of existing KVM virtual machines in reseller's UI (memory, swap, bandwidth, CPU cores, disk space). (SVM-3286)

  • feature | The administrator can now remove a reseller along with its clients and their virtual servers in the admin's user interface. (SVM-3284)
  • feature | New API functions reseller-suspend and reseller-unsuspend. (SVM-3285)
  • feature | Resellers can now use API to manage virtual servers. (SVM-3283)

    Details regarding SVM-3283:

    • Text formatting in column Message in Admin UI > Log > API Log has been improved for API functions that are available for resellers
    • Some error messages have been changed in the output of API function vserver-create. Now messages are equal in both output formats (JSON/XML)
    • Field Type in Admin UI > Log > API Log reflects API call type (Admin or Reseller)
    • More parameters are logged in column Message in Admin UI > Log > API log
  • feature | New parameter forcedelete has been added to API-function reseller-delete. Details (SVM-3285)

  • bugfix | File /usr/local/solusvm/data/.hosts will be automatically removed upon SolusVM mainline update. (SVM-3423).

  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when secondary disks of the KVM VM are not handled by Auto FTP Backup. (SVM-3411)

    Details regarding SVM-3411:

    • Secondary disks are now included into the backup.
    • Format of the auxiliary configuration file config-{$VSERVERID}.dat has been changed for KVM VMs. VMs restoring works with new and old format of the file.
    • It is mandatory to update all nodes in the installation. If this update is installed on KVM node only, without Master node update - AutoFTP Backup functionality is broken for the KVM node.
    • Script related to deprecated Central Backup functionality - /usr/local/solusvm/includes/systemrestore.php - has been removed from all secondary nodes.
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when warning This installation may have domain resolving issues is shown in the admin's UI without proper reason. (SVM-3419)

  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when loop devices were not automatically removed after creation of VPS with thin-provisioned disks. (SVM-3143)
  • bugfix | Fixed the issue when SolusVM on Centos 6 virtualization node can be upgraded to the latest version. (SVM-3376)
  • bugfix | API vserver-change-nspeed does not accept empty value of customnspeed. (SVM-3370)
  • bugfix | Word destination is misspelled in migrations status window. (SVM-3267)
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