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Added API calls for locking/unlocking node

Node lock status

Lock node

Unlock node


Added the ability to reconfigure network via API for KVM nodes

Reconfigure Network


Added API calls for changing media-groups.

List Media Groups

Change Media Groups

Fix libguestfs package for CentOS was updated to version 1.38.2-12.el7
Fix IP-block name limit was  increased from 30 to 100 characters
Fix Fixed problem when network speed limit does not work if no_vif_prefix is enabled for XEN
Fix Option "No sparse copying" was fixed for Linux templates
Fix Fixed broken links to documentation in UI
Fix Fixed incorrect value for bandwidth limit in UI
Fix Fixed problem when an additional administrator is unable to modify whitelist even though corresponding ACLs are added.
Fix Fixed problem when password reset doesn't work when point /home/kvm/kvmID/mnt/ is not empty
Fix Fixed error when creating template doesn't work for OpenVZ VM with enabled ploop option
Fix Fixed wrong information about backup image size in dat file
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